Clemens Krauss

Concepts of Isolation

The anthropological constants in Clemens Krauss’ work do not exist irrespectively of any contemporary, socio-political circumstances. Hereby the artist has taken into account that the social hypercomplexity in modern times cannot be simply illustrated without resulting in reductive one-sidedness. His aestheticized distance does not only disavow all painful pathos (inherent in body art like Viennese Actionism, whose influence on the Austrian Krauss is still undeniable), but also all direct statement. Thus significations and conclusions are in the eye of the beholder, and more important: within his or her sphere of responsibility.

Clemens Krauss - Concepts of Isolation, publ. by Wooyoungmi Artspace Seoul, Korea, 2012
Text by Ines Kleesattel, English/Korean, 20p, colored illustrations, (limited edition)